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Brushy Creek Saddle Club Scholarship Program



1.      Applicant must be a full-time entering college freshman and signed up for at least 12 credits or more at any university, college, or technical school, and have not reached their 21st birthday.

2.      Member of Brushy Creek Saddle Club.  (Associate members included)

3.      Applicant must qualify for year end awards with Brushy Creek Saddle Club for the current Playday Season. (Must ride and qualify in at least 4 of the scheduled playdays.)

4.      Will be enrolled and attending classes as of Awards banquet.





1.      Which school are you attending?

2.      What are you majoring in?

3.      What do you plan to do after school?

4.      How long have you been a member of BCSC?

5.      What has BCSC meant to you?

6.      Write a one page essay about the one person who has influenced you the most, how you know the person, how the person has influenced you.

7.      Write a one page essay about your favorite horse (past or present).

8.      Write a one page essay about how this scholarship will help you in your education.




2018 Scholarship:

1.      One scholarship of $300.00.

2.      Voted on by all officers and chairmen, executive committee, in a secret ballot and to be a surprise at the Banquet.

3.      Executive committee  members have one vote each.

4.      Check to be awarded at the Banquet 

5.      All applications will be turned in to the President or Vice President if their family member is eligible.

6.      Deadline will be September 15th of each year.

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