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     2023 Saddle Points by Class / Age Group

Saddle points below are for BCSC Members Only. 
Non-members points will not count, which can change your daily standings.

1. There must be 4 qualified riders in each age group/class for saddle awards at year end.
2.  In order for your daily points to count, you must pay for 4 of the 5 events.
3 . Members must have paid for 5 of 7 qualifying playdays for Year-End awards.
4.  Each rider must have a family member work during each riding day. If not, your    rider's points will not count that day.
5.  Only your highest 5 daily point totals will count for year end awards. We will drop your other lowest daily scores. This will be shown by an asterisk. 
6.  We reserve the right to award saddles pending the club's financial position.
7.  One saddle per class/age group maximum.

    No saddle will be awarded for Leadline or Novice


BCSC 2024 Point Summary 2024-03-09.jpg
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