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2024 BCSC By-laws/Rules

BCSC By-laws

Gate Rule Notification:

  • Due to the gate area being at the end of the center alley at the Williamson County Cowboy Church (WCCC) outdoor arena, we are allowing riders to make use of an open gate.  The gate will not be required to be closed and you can run in/out. 

  • The BCSC Playday Chairman may disqualify a rider if a horse and rider are not in control when exiting the arena.  You must be in control of your horse prior to exiting the alley.  This includes horse and rider at a walking pace prior to exiting the alley after completing their run for the event.  This rule will be strictly enforced.

Horse Rule:

  • Horses can be shared as long as the horse isn’t entered in 2 saddle eligible/qualifying classes. Therefore, a horse can be shared by riders for 1 saddle eligible/qualifying event and 1 non-saddle eligible/qualifying event OR 1 saddle eligible/qualifying ride per event if shared by 2 saddle eligible/qualifying contestants. A violation of this rule will disqualify all sharing riders for daily high point and end of year awards.

  • A rider may enter a different horse for each event provided they identify them and provide the proper documentation to the club during playday registration (Name, valid Coggins, etc), however the rider may compete in each event only once.

  • If you have any questions concerning this rule, please contact Daryl Meinardus (BCSC President) or Ashley Morgan (BCSC Vice-President).   This rule will be strictly enforced.


Any rider (if minor, then legal guardian) may file a protest for review against a judges call in any of the events.  The following procedures will be followed:

  • Rider must file protest immediately following their ride (not several events later).

  • Rider must first put up a $25.00 protest fee which is refundable to them if protest is in their favor.  If protest is not in their favor, protest fee goes towards year end awards.

  • Protest will only be heard after paying the $25 fee.  Protest must be filed with the BCSC President or BCSC Secretary.  This must take place outside the arena, so the events can continue and not disrupt other members. 

  • All formally filed protests require conference with BCSC President and/or the BCSC Playday Chairman and both event judges present during the run under protest.  The conference will not be hosted in the presence of the protester or other members.

  • There is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of BCSC officers, judges, or club members (remember we are all volunteers).

  • The BCSC President or the BCSC Playday Chairman is responsible for final determination of the protest and will deliver the results of the protest to appropriate parties.


* All distractions in the stands or from outside the arena cannot be a basis for complaint and exception to an event run.

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